Legacy Vol. 2

13 Desember 2021

With the year 2021 coming to an end, Celcius would like to enthusiastically present a special collection. In the early 2021, we released our ‘New Legacy’ collection & now we will be closing the year with our exclusive “New Legacy Vol. 2” collection. New Legacy Vol. 2 Celcius introduces the continuation of the new Celcius Logo that was released during the start of 2021. Celcius Legacy vol. 2 comes with a comfortable top and casual bottom that is suitable for daily men’s wear. Celcius New Legacy vol. 2 contains a mix of color coordination with a touch of elegance. Through the introduction of the casual grade product whilst armed with a very exclusive fabric makes the Celcius “New Legacy Vol. 2” more interesting and unique, setting them apart from its previous predecessors.