Speed Rebel Vol.3

21 Maret 2023

Celcius released "Speed Rebel," a motorcycle-themed clothing collection, in 2017, inspired by the automotive industry, which is synonymous with expression and exploration. Celcius re-released the Speed Rebel Vol. 2 in 2020 as a result of its success, and by participating in the Tour de Java, we gain the freedom to explore our identities and discover beautiful places. This feeling of "unlimited freedom with a vehicle" is what we hope to convey through a sustainable fashion collection, in which we see many elements from the automotive world that can be expressed through design language. As a result of our passion for automotive and fashion, Celcius will present a collection of Speed Rebel Vol. 3 and become a sub-brand of Celcius. Celcius hopes that "Speed Rebel" will inspire and encourage others to find inner freedom and the spirit of exploration within themselves.